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Clonmel 26 Sunday’s Well 5

Following the momentous win against Skerries; there was to be no great finish to the calendar year for Sunday’s Well; as Clonmel gained revenge for their end of season defeat last season. Clonmel was probably the site of one of the ‘ Well’s most compelling, thrilling and pivotal games in recent memory; when they avoided a relegation play-off from the senior ranks; which would have been against Clonmel again. 

However; there was to be no replay of that game as while Clonmel got off to a similar start; the ‘Well were unable to sufficiently respond; with a couple of half-breaks and a very strong scrum the only bright parts through the first hour of the game. The venue was also different; as the cold spell led to the Clonmel RFC pitch being declared unplayable; and the match was moved to the 4G pitch down in the centre of the town at the CBS High School.

The ‘WEll were faced with wave after wave of Clonmel attacks in front of a boisterous home support. The ‘Well players put in many big hits, with Conor O’Brien and Andrew Mintern regularly driving players back while Fabien Loughrey also made some excellent take-downs in the open field. The relentless pressure did tell as Clonmel’s power and pace created holes; with tries coming from Jason MOnua and Dean Slattery in the first-half; along with two penalties by Dylan Cadogan. 

Clonmel were worth the lead for sure; although the ‘Well will feel the rub of the green went against them. They did create some chances, with Jack McHenry and Dan O’Brien making excellent bursts past deep into the CLonmel Twenty-Two; but just as the opening was created; the slippery ball was mishandled. 

In the second-half, a couple of early yellow cards put pay to chances of a comeback as Clonmel sealed the bonus point close to the hour mark. With the sides set for a rematch in the New Year; the ‘Well did rally. A series of strong attacks, with backs and forwards interlinking; saw Jamie Downey and Daniel Hourigan make a big impact off the bench. Having force players to be committed; the ‘Well went wide where Shane Keevers added another try to his tall to add some mild consolation for the travelling players and supporters. 

Scorers: Clonmel: D Cadogan try, 2 pens; J Mouna, D Slattery, R Wynn tries. 

Sunday’s Well: S Keevers try. 

Clonmel: D Cadogan; D Slattery, L Hogan, L Noonan, A Daly; A Fronek, A Sheehan; N Campion, R Wynn, J Mouna; T Cantwell, D Brannock; J Lonergan, D Devaney, D Hosek. Replacements: M O’Toole, B Delicato, B O’Dea, S Sweetman, M Hynes. 

Sunday’s Well: G Downey; R O’Donoghue, M Daly, R Geary, S Keevers; H McHenry, F Loughrey; C Axson, J McHenry, E O’Connell; J Costello, A Mintern; F MacFhlannchadha, D O’Brien, C O’Brien. Replacements: D Hourigan, J Downey, R Mintern, D Hanafin, K Maye. 

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