Michael Powell Solicitors

Michael Powell Solicitors

Michael Powell Solicitors is a leading law practice which thrives on achieving corporate excellence for our clients. Every client of Michael Powell Solicitors has a dedicated partner who is making every effort to improve the practice for the benefit of our clients.

Our vision is clear, that is to work with our clients through the vast array of legal challenges encountered by them in achieving their personal and business goals. We are also committed to being pro-active in advising clients on how to manage risk and develop their businesses.

We strive to be a leader in the legal services business by providing specialised teams with different talents and approaches and we are not satisfied until we have met the highest standards for our clients.

We are proud to be the only legal firm in the country to have a dedicated Credit Union Department.

Katherina White, Solicitor is currently advising a large number of Irish soldiers who claim that they experienced adverse side effects from the anti-malaria drug, Lariam, which was administered to them without proper consultation

We are determined to achieve the best possible results for our clients based on dedicated commitment, experience and tradition.