Club Lotto

How It WorksResults
The Club Lotto began approximately 12 years ago to help clear a bank loan and to raise funds for repairs to the club house and other necessary works. This loan is now paid.

The Lotto works as follows.

Each member of the syndicate pays €20 per month, preferably by standing order. Weekly
standing orders (€5) are also possible. Payments can also be made by paying the full
amount (€240) in cash or by cheque.

Alternatively, you may lodge €240 directly in to the
club lotto account. BIC = ULSB IE 2D, IBAN = IE49 ULSB 9855 6373 1530 91

€10 of the money is invested in the Euromillions Lotto Draw which takes place every Friday
and the remaining €10 is invested in a fund for club development. In reality, you are
donating €2.50 per week to the development of our club. (Less than the price of a BIG
All winnings are kept separate and will be distributed at the end of the year. The
results are available on the website every Monday.

Planning permission has been granted to build a new gymnasium, 2 dressing rooms, shower
area and toilets. We will also upgrade our current dressing rooms, referee’s changing room,
showers and players toilets. Work will commence on this project will commence shortly.
Those who will get maximum benefit from this work are YOU, THE PLAYERS, BOTH ADULT
I hope you will join the syndicate and help us raise more money to further
develop the clubhouse. Sunday’s Well will be hosting The Mixed Abilities World Rugby Cup
in 2020 and we want our club to be at its finest.

It has been agreed by the executive committee that all money raised is exclusively for the
development outlined above and cannot be used for any other purpose.