The club house was very quiet …..
Where was everyone? Was this the rugby supporters’ incarnation of the Titanic tables – because there were none laid out for the pre-match lunch…. Had the towel not alone been ‘thrown-in’ – but removed from the premises?
There was, as always, an explanation – lunch was not being served, the elite of the club and of the visiting Galwegians were being entertained ‘off-site’ – that’s a term of modern description when things are moved away from base!
So, there was no Plebs Table and this missive comes to you from ‘bar side’ where one of the next arrivals was the Oracle who had some doubts initially about how the match against Galway Corinthians might go, but he was mollified by the team sheet and the news that this was the best team we had fielded for the season as many of those who had been injured were back. In the midst of imbibing pre-match sustenance, we became assured that this could be a better match than those we had lost “unluckily” and “by narrow margins” so we were all, in turn, mollified – that word means “anxiety appeased” – when the Orcale declared that we would win…..
Towards kick-off time the “elite” arrived at the premises from their pre-match off-site social gathering. The ‘Ocabulary’ – another form of dictionary, of the spoken variety, says of lunch: “It can also be called luncheon, but if it is you might be served watercress sandwiches and fruit salad, but a ‘plain old lunch’ might be burgers and fries at the diner.” It didn’t appear, from the ‘spirit’ of their interaction that they had had either, so a better repast was presumed… and, it was noted, that on neither side, were those who had attended that event discombobulated about the likely match outcome – that word means ‘upset’!
So, “mollified,” but not “discombobulated” we proceeded to our usual spot on the terraces and some became disoriented, others confused, others exhilarated, some declarations were heard of being “in Heaven” — suggestions were made – and put into effect – photographs of the scoreboard as it climbed ever upwards. Corinthians appeared to have a good team, but appearances can be deceptive. They threatened in attacks and at half-time there was a general feeling that things weren’t “too bad” – thought the Oracle said that we could have done better.
In the second-half the team did… the ‘Wow’ factor was inhaled as the scoreboard crept inexorably upwards and finished at 55-13.
“Unbelievable…” “What a match..” ..”A deserved win …” and many more comments….
“Up ‘em all” was sung with gusto as the team came off the pitch — wonderful to hear after so many tough afternoons….
And so the club house was no longer silent —- no Titanic atmosphere, though there was realism….a lot done, more to do, but let’s not engage in political axioms…..
It was even suggested that we might have “a pint of gloat…” not against the nice men from the West mind you…. But for the overcoming of so many misfortunes in marginal losses… And another time we’ll explain to the uninitiated about the “pint of gloat….”
Meantime, one wonders – as the next crucial match looms – did the off/site pre-match lunch-eon bring a lucky turn of fate?
Must consult the Oracle……

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