My Uncle Pat Carroll, suffered a devastating neck injury while playing rugby for Sunday’s Well RFC, a local team here in Cork. He was left Quadriplegic in his early 20’s.

Although confined to a wheelchair, with full-time care, he made the most of his life. In the years afterwards he had good days and bad but his determination to stay healthy, eat right, broaden his mind and stay socially active was an example for all of us.

His life expectancy at the time of the accident was very short but through the advancement of medical science, his commitment to stay healthy, and the support of his family and friends – he lived for another 30+ years. He passed away 6 years ago from Cancer.

He spent many years on the Cork Spinal Cord Society’s committee and like the Mark Pollock Trust, he was passionate about finding a cure for Paralysis.

He was a fantastic person. I am delighted to take part in his honour and raise funds for a great cause.

Your support is truly appreciated.

Thanks, Ian Carroll.

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